Engage your audience with second screen

Most of your delegates have personal mobile devices with colorful screens in their hands throughout your meeting. In many cases, those devices are a distraction. Why not engage your audience more effectively by making those devices part of your event?

With NiceMeeting second screen technology, even the most dense slides will be clearly visible to your audience. People in the back rows will have a chance to get engaged with every presentation and overall audience interaction will increase. The best thing about our event technology is that you can take advantage of all our features without any significant investment. 

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Digital handouts

You can upload your files to NiceMeeting before or during your event. Every delegate, including those who use iPads, will instantly have access to the files. NiceMeeting gives you an unparalleled opportunity to create a paperless event and an organizer-friendly approach to distributing supplementary material. Having access to such materials at every point in your event builds audience engagement and enhances audience interaction. 

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Networking platform

Networking opportunities are the key reason to come to your event for at least half of your audience, so you can’t underestimate the importance of any tool that supports such interaction among audience members and speakers. NiceMeeting enables increased networking among attendees.

NiceMeeting participant profiles and multiple chat options help delegates identify each other onsite and start conversations or even set up meetings during your event. High quality engagement and interaction is the hallmark of a successful event.

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Polling & interactivity

The polling functionality of NiceMeeting lets you put questions in front of your audience at the right moment and lets people answer using their personal devices. Audience interaction and engagement at its best!

With NiceMeeting, there is no need to log into a separate system, and the friendly interface encourages a higher response rate, leading to an audience that is more engaged and more satisfied with your event.

Learn more about live audience polling with NiceMeeting.

Event branding & sponsorship

It takes just minutes to brand the interface of NiceMeeting for your event, making it an integral part of your image and efforts to engage your audience. And you can give your event sponsors several new options for placing advertising – in banners, brochures and a premium option: right next to a live presentation.

To learn more about event branding & sponsorship opportunities, sign up today to schedule a live demo.

Banners in the palm of a hand

Placing information equipped with live links to sponsors' resources on the screen of delegates device is essential for creating your desired image and making a difference for your advertisers and sponsors. The NiceMeeting space is an effective alternative or a complement to traditional posters and brochures, depending on what works best for your target audience.

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